Stainless Steel Dredger w/Handle

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  • Mrs. Anderson's Baking Dredger for dusting a fine, even coat of powdered ingredients on baked goods, doughs, and beverages
  • Made from stainless steel; 9-ounce capacity
  • Add a fine-to-heavy dusting of powdered ingredients where needed; convenient handle allows a secure grip and easy control over the amount being added
  • Easily top treats with confectioners sugar, cinnamon, cocoa, and more; sprinkle flour onto rolling pins and work surfaces to keep dough from sticking
  • Great for bakers, cake decorators, pastry chefs, and baristas; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
Mrs. Anderson's Baking Dredger with handle distributes precise coatings of powdered ingredients directly where needed. Whether decorating cookies and pastries with sugars or spices, flouring cake pans, or kneading bread dough, the Dredger (also known as a Flour Duster) is considered an essential tool for bakers, cake decorators and pastry chefs. The convenient handle allows a secure grip for easy control over the amount of ingredients being dusted. Add just a dusting or sprinkle it on thick. The Flour Duster holds 9-ounces of a powdered ingredient and dusts a finer, more-even coating than by hand. Use it to top artisan breads with flour or banana bread with granulated sugar, decorate cupcakes, cookies and tarts with powdered sugar, dust cinnamon or cocoa over crumb cakes, and stencil designs on cappuccinos like a barista. For working with dough without the sticky mess, lightly dust flour on rolling pins, kneading boards and directly on the dough itself. Easily flour baking pans and sheets before pouring in cake mix or baking favorite cookie recipes, dust semolina under pizza dough, and so much more. Easy to use. Simply fill the Dredger with a powdered ingredient, pop the lid on top, and sprinkle contents directly where needed. Made from stainless steel, the Dredger goes right in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. 
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